The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is Currently Half Price

There are a lot of very exciting cameras available right now, many of which offer tremendous value.  Blackmagic’s “Cinema” cameras have always been a terrific bargain, offering incredible image quality at previously unheard-of prices.  The Pocket Cinema Camera in particular is remarkable for offering full HD (1920×1080) RAW internal recording for under $1000, making it one of the least expensive options for getting true cinema-quality … Read more!

What's your favorite movie?

The Movies That Matter The Most To Me

“What’s your favorite movie?”

It’s a fairly common question, especially between people just meeting or getting to know each other – and for good reason.  Your answer can tell a lot about you – your worldview, your sense of humor, your sense of style, even your politics.  As far as icebreakers go, it’s pretty versatile.

It’s also a question that I just hate being asked.… Read more!

Creating professional video on a budget

Film Smarter – Pro Video on a Budget

The past several months have been a period of major transition for me.  As a freelance video professional moving from the midwest to central California, I’ve had to establish a new client base – and, in the process, learn new techniques, hone my existing skill set, and equip myself with new gear.  Essentially, I went from having a well-stocked studio at my disposal with experienced, … Read more!


DSLR Video Gear Guide

What is the best DSLR for video?  What gear will give the most value and provide the most versatile production setup?  I’ve spent a lot of time researching and reviewing video equipment to find the best options – and the best deals.  This is my list of equipment choices for getting geared up on a tight budget – especially if you’re getting into DSLR video … Read more!


Getting Started In DSLR Video

In my last post, I talked about the three different options video professionals have for getting a versatile camera setup on a budget: renting high-end equipment, like a RED One; purchasing a mid-range professional camcorder, like the Canon XA10; or outfitting a DSLR – in my case, a Canon T3i – for pro video work.  After examining the costs and benefits of … Read more!

rent or buy

Rent, Buy, or Upgrade?

Video professionals today need to handle a wide variety of tasks.  Especially for small operations – like myself – having a diverse skill set is vitally important.  I market myself primarily as an animator and editor, but different projects may require me to script, shoot, composite, color correct, or tackle visual effects.  When I do work for a larger production company, they often already have … Read more!


The Lure of Lambert Academic Publishing

For graduate students hoping to enter the world of professional academia, publishing is huge.  Having your work published in a respectable journal can be the deciding factor when applying for jobs, grants, or other programs.  It’s a competitive process, especially in today’s crowded job market, and one of the major stressors of the field.  On a more personal level, though, publishing can give a feeling … Read more!