A Few of My Favorite Things – The Best Budget DSLR Video Gear

The holiday season is a great time for video.  The events, decorations, lights, and general festivity make a great subject – and lots of people are either buying new gear at a holiday discount, or receiving equipment as a gift.  With just a few weeks left in the year, I thought I’d share a few of my very favorite pieces – gear that provides amazing … Read more!

Creating professional video on a budget

Film Smarter – Pro Video on a Budget

The past several months have been a period of major transition for me.  As a freelance video professional moving from the midwest to central California, I’ve had to establish a new client base – and, in the process, learn new techniques, hone my existing skill set, and equip myself with new gear.  Essentially, I went from having a well-stocked studio at my disposal with experienced, … Read more!


Film Smarter – PluralEyes 3 and RODE Microphones

The most consistently challenging part of using DSLRs for video work is probably audio.  From the lack of a headphone port on most cameras to the generally unusable quality of their built-in microphones, most DSLRs were simply not designed to capture audio well.  There are ways around these problems, usually involving either an external microphone, a digital recorder, or both.  Often, high quality audio tracks … Read more!

Advanced Photo Editing for Bucknell Basketball


Although I no longer live in Pennsylvania, I still do some freelance work for Bucknell University in Lewisburg.  Recently, I was able to help out with a video celebrating the success of this year’s men’s basketball team.  The team just clinched the Patriot League championship with a win against Lafayette this past Wednesday night – the video was prepared beforehand, with the final moments … Read more!

The Delicate Task of Logo Animation

As a video editor and motion graphics artist, I am occasionally faced with the task of animating a corporate logo.  It’s a job that I always enjoy, because it carries unique challenges and creative possibilities, but it can definitely be intimidating.  People take logos very seriously – they are the most visible symbol of what a group or company stands for.  An immense amount of … Read more!

animating 02c

The Craft of Stop-Motion Animation

Stop-motion animation takes a long time.  That’s the first thing most people say when I mention the technique – and it’s undeniably true.  There is, however, a secret about stop-motion; something that makes the act of snapping hundreds or thousands of nearly identical photographs bearable.  Here it is: stop-motion is fun.  I don’t just mean that the results are fun, although there is certainly a … Read more!

Thoughts on Final Cut Pro X

Oh, the sordid reputation of Final Cut Pro X.  Since its release last year, FCPX has been controversial, to say the least.  Widely mocked and derided by the forum community, X has become something of a standing joke in the editing world.  It’s not uncommon to hear it referred to as the “new iMovie” and the announcement that several major post-production studios are switching from … Read more!