Is Canon DOOMED?

As I write this, one of the world’s largest video and photography events is taking place in Cologne, Germany – Photokina.  Photokina is one of a few annual events where manufacturers like to trot out new products and give industry pros some hands-on time with their latest and greatest offerings.  The event has really just started, but several exciting announcements have already taken place: … Read more!

What's the best Canon camera for video?

What’s the Best Canon Camera for Video?

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a video creator.  In the last few years, DSLRs have completely changed the entry-point for cinematic production levels, with affordable cameras from Nikon and Canon that can produce stunning results.  Mirrorless digital cameras from Sony, Panasonic, and Fujifilm have followed suite, packing more and more power into increasingly small form factors.  Blackmagic Design has singlehandedly brought affordable RAW … Read more!


Review – Aputure VS-1 Field Monitor

While not necessarily an essential tool, an external monitor can be a valuable addition to your arsenal as a filmmaker.  They allow you to pull focus and check shots more accurately, monitor your video in situations where you can’t use the camera’s built-in screen, and they allow multiple people to easily view what the camera is capturing simultaneously.  Having a larger screen to watch can … Read more!


A Few of My Favorite Things – The Best Budget DSLR Video Gear

The holiday season is a great time for video.  The events, decorations, lights, and general festivity make a great subject – and lots of people are either buying new gear at a holiday discount, or receiving equipment as a gift.  With just a few weeks left in the year, I thought I’d share a few of my very favorite pieces – gear that provides amazing … Read more!


7 DSLR Video Lessons

Although I’ve been doing professional video work (in one capacity for another) for the better part of a decade now, the world of DSLR video is relatively new to me.  The bulk of my work has always been in post-production – editing, animation, motion graphics, etc.  However, moving across the country has meant starting over in a new professional environment and a new client base … Read more!


Redesigned Photography Section

This is not “new” news, but I wanted to do some work before actually announcing it – the old hodgepodge Photography section of the website has been replaced with “Photography & Travel“, which sorts photos into albums by location.  There are only a handful of places in the section at the moment, but I’ll continue to update it with both old favorite and … Read more!


DSLR Video Lens Guide

In the worlds of professional video and photography, “kit” lenses – the lenses that are included in package deals with camera bodies – are generally avoided.  While the skill with which you use your equipment (whatever equipment that might be) is the single most important thing, any serious photographer will tell you that the quality of your lenses is probably more important than the quality … Read more!

Creating professional video on a budget

Film Smarter – Pro Video on a Budget

The past several months have been a period of major transition for me.  As a freelance video professional moving from the midwest to central California, I’ve had to establish a new client base – and, in the process, learn new techniques, hone my existing skill set, and equip myself with new gear.  Essentially, I went from having a well-stocked studio at my disposal with experienced, … Read more!