The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is Currently Half Price

There are a lot of very exciting cameras available right now, many of which offer tremendous value.  Blackmagic’s “Cinema” cameras have always been a terrific bargain, offering incredible image quality at previously unheard-of prices.  The Pocket Cinema Camera in particular is remarkable for offering full HD (1920×1080) RAW internal recording for under $1000, making it one of the least expensive options for getting true cinema-quality video.

The Pocket Cinema Camera is a steal at $995; you simply can’t get better image quality for that price.  However, right now – and I have no idea how long this will last – the Pocket Cam is being offered for an astounding $495.  That is, unquestionably, the best deal going right now for professional-grade video equipment.

Now, this camera has its fair share of quirks and isn’t for everyone (although, at that price, it almost is).  It requires very fast memory cards and it goes through them pretty quickly (RAW files are big).  The battery life on the camera is also notoriously bad, so you’ll either want to pick up a bunch of extra batteries or rig it with an external power source.  The smaller sensor also means that there is a significant crop factor with whatever lens you use with it, although the active micro four-thirds mount will give you have plenty of options and is quite versatile.  The overall consensus is that the camera achieves remarkable results, but has some tragic flaws.

Regardless of any shortcomings, however, the bottom line is that the Pocket Cinema Camera can produce simply stunning video.  At the current sale price, you could pick up the camera and the necessary accessories (a decent lens, some batteries, an external audio recorder, and maybe a small rig) to make it really sing for under $1000 – the cost the camera started out at.  If you want professional-quality video, you just can’t do it any cheaper than that.

Again, I have no idea how long the camera will be on sale for – and at this price, they are bound to go quickly.  If you’ve been thinking about getting a Blackmagic camera, this is the time to do it.  If you’ve been shopping for a camera at all, I’d suggest giving this one some serious consideration.  The deal is currently being offered by Amazon and B&H.

If you’d like some more in-depth info about the Blackmagic Pocket, there are some fantastic reviews online.  To see whether it’s the right camera for you, I’d recommend checking out the video reviews by Tim Olsen, Dave Dugdale, Caleb Pike, and Philip Bloom‘s epic three parter.

UPDATE:  According to the Blackmagic website, the promotional price of $495 will last through August 31, although I’d expect demand for the camera to overtake its widespread availability pretty quickly.

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